MI for Leadership:

The advanced MI workshop implements the strategies learned in Introductory and Intermediate MI workshops, and focuses on practicing and fine-tuning those skills. This workshop aims to deepen motivational interviewing skills though discussion, observation, practice, and feedback.

MI for Leadership is a workshop designed to teach ways to incorporate MI within a leadership environment such as corporations, human resources, and educational environments. It teaches MI skills that will help with conducting meetings, and establishing a culture of partnership with employees, supervisors, and subordinates,.

This workshop is an introduction to Motivational Interviewing. We teach the fundamental principles of MI and basic skills used to engage the patient/client. We will discuss how using MI strategies can improve patient/client outcomes by shifting the focus from changing the patient/client to sustaining the patient/client within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion.


Introductory MI Training:

We offer evidence-based tobacco cessation training which includes the electronic nicotine delivery system (e-cigarette). This training not only provides information related to nicotine replacement therapy, it also incorporates MI strategies for behavioral counseling. 

This workshop uses MI techniques to teach skills that f acilitate healthy behavior change in a structured, supportive partnership between the participant and coach. The coach invites insights and clarity through inquiry and personal discovery. A coach focuses on the mind, body, and spirit and helps the patient/client make the changes that support a healthier lifestyle in areas including, but not limited to nutritional guidance, physical activity, disease management, and self-care.

Wellness Coaching:

Intermediate MI Training:

Tobacco Cessation Training:

This interactive workshop seeks to build the skills of practitioners who have learned the fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing and are interested in expanding their proficiency.  The workshop will review the traps that practitioners often fall into that result in discord and focuses on strategies to evoke change talk.  The workshop further augments the empathic skills of reflective listening.

Advanced MI Training:

MI Coaching:

Motivational Interviewing Coaching is a followup after attending the Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced MI training workshops. The MI Coaching focuses on assisting you to improve your MI skills by practicing your skills in a real-play environment. Participants will also learn to coach other MI-trained practitioners or learn to coach co-workers/peers/students in using MI.

Motivational Interviewing